Keys to creating a healthy life

When it comes to improving our health the most important thing is not to focus on one aspect, but in creating a healthy environment. There are several aspects that can take into account when creating a healthy life. The healthier the environment around us, the more options we have to improve our habits.

It is similar to what happens with the obesogenic environments, small daily actions can make us healthier. From what we buy, how we sleep or how much exercise you do, everything has to create a healthier life.

The pantry and fridge says everything about our food

Buy fresh foods and avoid processed is one of the keys to improving our diet. We must befriend the neighborhood greengrocer, the butcher and fishmonger. The more fresh foods that are cooked better. Check out your fridge and pantry to see what kind of food you.

Rest is the great forgotten

It’s funny how we would never skip the main meal of the day; however, we tend to skip a lot of sleep. Rest is essential for the body to recover from day to day and function optimally. We must ensure a good rest, in quantity and quality.

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Friends with healthy habits drag us to your lifestyle

This is one of the things where less is repaired and has much impact on our habits. If most of our friends do sports, eat healthy and care about having healthy habits, the more likely that we will also follow this healthy lifestyle. Humans tend to imitate behavior of our peers and healthy habits are no exception.

Health professionals are your greatest allies

And we can give very practical guidelines on how to improve our health. We are very reluctant to go to the doctor, physical therapist or nutritionist, but it is they who will identify how to improve our health.

You do not need these specialists required only if we are sick. A physiotherapist, for example, can tell us a lot about the state of our system and to prevent injuries and improve health. Like, not only will the nutritionist to lose weight, it can also help us manage and improve eating habits.

Not a day without exercise

Although they are 5 minutes up stairs or doing easy at home exercise. Any exercise that is more intense than normal will serve to add health. The day we have more time take the opportunity to do what we like, the less time we have, we have to look any exercise involving an extra and avoid a totally sedentary day.

In short, eat better, sleep well and exercise is the basis for a healthy life. But within these three pillars we need to identify what things we can do in our daily lives to improve them. What foods to buy, how to cook, establish a sleep routine, exercising with friends … there are many things we can do to create a healthy life.

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Keys to creating a healthy life

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