Getting To Know Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an autonomous city, located in the Eastern Asia. Even if it’s located in Asia, the territory was a British colony for more than 150 years. Hong Kong has a rich history of over 2000 years and that is confirmed by its impressive architecture and highly developed society. When the British colonized Hong Kong for the first time, its population counted only 7,450 inhabitants. Today, the city has over reached over 7,3 million citizens of different nationalities and religious backgrounds. During that time, Hong Kong developed significantly, becoming an important financial center and a very tourist-friendly destination. Its attractions are actually a blend between old and new, between traditional and modern.

Getting to know Hong Kong

The first thing that will capture your attention when you firstly arrive in this city, will be different architectural styles. Hong Kong looks like a typical Asian city with strong Western influences. For anyone who doesn’t know the history behind this, it could be somewhat confusing. The modern Hong Kong is the result of a rich Asian culture, combined with the British influences.

This is especially interesting for visitors, as cultural sights are many around the city. But, the most impressive attraction is, without a doubt, The Peak Tram. This construction is built by the British colonists and it maintains a great balance between great architecture and the natural wonders. While on the tower, you will be able to admire the greatness of Hong Kong and to have an overview of the entire city. Tower is reachable by the Peak Tramway, highly popular and almost 100 years old funicular railway car.

Religion was always important for the Hong Kong inhabitants, and their numerous vestiges are a living proof of that. The cultural mixture is also noticeable here, as they have both Buddhist and Christian constructions. One of the most impressive places to visit is the statue of Big Buddha. Located on the Lantau Island, the construction features a 34 meters tall and 202 tons in weight statue of Buddha.

The site is placed on a mountainous terrain, which offers a peak of admirable natural surroundings. The Ten Thousands Buddhas Monastery is another unique vestige. The temple welcomes everybody, no matter of religious background. This temple is attractive locale for its amazing interiors and the over 13,000 Buddha statues (even more than the name suggests) which are “guarding” it.

Another important part of Hong Kong traditions are famous baths and massage spas. Most of these spas have been there for more than 100 years, following traditional massage practices and teachings for over 2,000 years. The massage therapy is successfully mixed with aroma therapy, using only natural aromatic herbs in the process. This traditional method of healing and relaxation is rather popular in Hong Kong and it’s considered big part of their tradition and heritage.

Hong Kong is a city with a tremendous history, a place where the East has fused with the West and successfully combined its old features with the new ones. While here, you will understand what 2000 years of continuous development can do to a city. You will also witness that being a modern futuristic city does not necessarily mean denying its heritage and values.

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