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How do I control the data that Google stores about me?

The search engine has a Supplied tools to set security preferences of all its services Google is aware that there are still“misconceptions” about what to do with personal data, but more than that confusion, which considered “frustrating” is that users do not use existing controls to manage their privacy and security on the network. “People…

Google and Facebook take action against false news websites

The two Internet giants will limit their deceptive advertising pages after being criticized Technology companies Google and Facebook take measures to stop the spread of false news on the Internet by limiting their advertising, as reported by US media Tuesday. Google decided a change of policy to prevent fake websites with content using their AdSense advertising network….

Facebook loses its first satellite on SpaceX rocket explosion

The explosion SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket at Cape Canaveral has left wounded but an unexpected victim: Facebook. The mission was aimed at putting into orbit communications satellite AMOS 6 developed by Spacecom and Facebook had rented for five years to begin deploying, an initiative to connect to the network few developed areas of the…